Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Done it at last (I think)

One of the things I wanted to do in 2014 was to start a blog. It would provide me, members of my family (and I hope others) with a record of words and pictures of life @ number 6. So maybe I need to start with a little about myself - well I am 59years and 363 days old, yes in two days I hit 60 and not happy at about it at all. I have to get into the mindset  of you're only as old as you feel so maybe that puts me mid 40's.
I retired from teaching 10 months ago having run a big nursery unit attached to a school in Sheffield. Have I missed it? well not really. I miss the staff I worked with alot having been together for 20+ years and I was always very happy there BUT the paperwork, planning, assesment no, no, no. I now work for my daughter's partner as receptionist at his chiropractise and love it.
I am married to a wonderful husband (D)who can turn his hand to anything and indulges my passion for crafting, helping me when I ask. We have 3 children C who's 30 and lives in Cornwall near Padstow, B who's 23 and teaches and lives above the chiropractise and J who's 21and is in his final year at Loughborough Uni. We are very proud of them all even though they still drive us to dispare at times!
Since leaving teaching I have had time for me which means baking, cooking, knitting, crocheting and crafting, even selling some of my wares. I love my caravan and Cornwall, my favourite place is Constantine Bay - I could live there forever.
But enough of me for the moment and goodbye from number 6, I'll be back soon xx

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