Saturday, 24 December 2016

Season's Greetings

Well I had intended to make this a longer post but time is getting the better of me. At the moment I'm in between making a bakewell pudding, pavlova and flat breads and at a standstill as I have no castor sugar and cooking butter. My elves have gone out to do some last minute shopping and until they come back I can't do any more - well I could go and clean the upstairs and dust our bedroom but who wants to do that on Christmas eve? Time has just flown by these past few months but I hope to have more time in the New Year as I am retiring from my job at the clinic, last shift next Wednesday. I am going to miss all our lovely patients and also my work colleagues but am looking forward to the not working round work for holidays and activities. One of my first jobs will be get an instagram account for life@number6 as now I have a 'proper' phone I use instagram a lot but only have a personal account. As soon as I've sorted that I'll be letting you know. Until then here a few pictures of number 6's Christmas decorations this year

 and here is my Christmas buy for this year, the label reads 'Driving home for Christmas'

and I finished my Christmas socks just in time

My elves have returned with sugar and butter so I shall wish you a

Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Where did August go?

Where did last month go? I was looking on the camera to find out and here is where it went for us.

Ground force team at Charlotte's. Having ordered a shed we found Angus had ordered 3 tons of top soil and 60 sq mts of turf to arrive at the same time! - unfortunately we have no 'after' pic on the camera

We had a night at the Minack Theatre to see A Midsummer Nights Dream - what a place!

Sunday lunch at Streetfood_Cafe at the Padstow Kitchen Garden - AMAZING! Unfortunately the weather wasn't, all we could see was the sea mist rather than the Camel Estuary but the food made up for it.

Then a stop off at Steins new gin bar in Padstow

An unexpected visit from Charlotte and Nina the week after involved alot of piano playing

There was a new addition to the family - Izzy, Becky's birthday present from Tom

A trip to Buxton proved you can't get anywhere fast with a puppy

She's a great hit with Nina especially when it involves water

Nina had her first hair cut whilst she was with us

David and I had a couple of lovely walks with friends. One ending up along the canal

and one which took us to Roche Abbey, near Maltby

It hasn't all been happy, happy but this isn't the place or time to expand on that. 

I have discovered the joys of having a 'proper' phone which I can take good pictures on and link straight to Instagram. I have found myself using it (phone and Instagram) more and more and as soon as I have time and the knowledge I shall put an Instagram link on my blog page - so watch this space!! We are off on our 'summer' holiday next week and are starting in Cornwall, them moving on to Dorset before finishing up at Merkins Farm just outside Bradford on Avon. I can't wait it's ages since we were in the caravan. Catch you all when I get back xxx

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Life @ number 6 is just too busy!!

Despite the lack of posts I am still here. I can't believe we are at the end of July and today is like this

I have been refurbishing another wicker chair in order that I can have it outside but since it was done it has remained mainly in our hall.

It began it's overhaul like this

 A new base was added, along with new foam and covered with bargain fabric off Ebay. Oh well maybe it'll be sitting out weather tomorrow!
But I digress slightly - since I last posted I've worked extra hours, flown down to Cornwall on a £42 return flight from Doncaster, visited my brother in Lancashire, had a girls night out at an excellent restaurant in Cawthorne called Beatson House, been to a vintage day in Edwinstow, driven (well David did) down to Cornwall where we went to the Minack Theatre to see the opera version of Midsummer's night dream, along with pretending we were the 'Ground Force Team' transforming Charlotte and Angus's garden in 3 and a half days and now I am waiting for Charlotte and Nina to arrive for the weekend - well Nina is with us whilst Charlotte and the rest of the family all go down to London for Becky's birthday surprise.

As I can't get out in the garden I have been making some salted nutella cookies

12 the recipe said, I've made 34!!! - something wrong somewhere, anyway they'll get eaten and can be taken down to London as well.
I've also had a go at lemonade, well it's a lemonade cordial. It has to be left overnight and bottled tomorrow. If it's nice I'll put the link on the Life at number 6 Facebook page.

I'll not leave it so long next time as I've so many pictures to share xx