Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Off to Skipton to go to Yarndale!!!!

This is the last little outing we have planned for our caravan and one that has been booked for a while - Skipton and the Yarndale festival. I was lucky enough to go last year but on my own.

 This year all being well Becky will join me. We've got the van at Bolton Abbey on the Strid Wood site and the hall is already filling up with goodies to take plus a knitting bag full of wool and needles to keep me occupied in the evenings and a fully charged up camera for all the pictures. I look forward to sharing them with you next week, so if you're going have a wonderful time. L Anne xx


  1. Have a lovely, lovely time Anne, I enjoyed it so much last year too but can't make it this time round. Say hello to Lucy for me !
    Kate x


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