Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sorry it's been so long!

I really thought that after the summer we've had I would find I had so much time on my hands - but no! I don't know here the last 3 weeks have gone but they have. So going back three weeks this is what has been happening at number 6.

Way back in June I was reading Diane's (of Heart Shaped) blog entitled Streets in the sky about Peddler's market it sounded very much our kind of thing so I joined the facebook group in order to keep up with happenings and so we didn't miss their next event. It was to be on the 2nd and 3rd of October so it got put on our calendar. David and I decided to go on the Friday night - early. That was a good move as although the live music hadn't started when we left, there were huge queues for the bars and food stalls. It certainly didn't disappoint us with it's incredible variety of food and for David craft beers. Here a few pictures which hopefully will give you an idea of what was happening and the atmosphere

You understand what I meant about the queues, but it was just brilliant!!!

The following weekend saw us away in the caravan in Shrewsbury, where we linked up with my brother and sister in law and also a long standing Canadian friend, Charles and his wife and family. We had never been to Shrewsbury before and what a delightful place it is. Beautiful architecture, narrow streets and independent shops - here is a little taster

and then there was the market hall.

 A classic 60's building which might not inspire you to go in but if you go to Shrewsbury it's a must. It's not big but there is a huge variety of stalls selling 'vintage' , secondhand books, bric a brac, fruit and veg. etc etc.

 and then there was the eating places - the very reason we had gone in. I was looking for a place called 'The Bird's Nest'. We found it in the very back corner

What a little gem! interesting food at very reasonable prices

 On leaving there we discovered even more eating stalls round the edge including a seafood and oyster bar, noodle bar and tapas.
By now we needed to work off our lunch so walked in a circle along the river and back through the town.

I particularly love seeing the backs of houses, and although these were on a slope their owners had made the most of the space they had.

We ended up at the castle 

and on climbing onto the walls had this view over the railway and beyond.

That leads me very nicely on to our outing the next day - the Llanfair to Welshpool railway. One of the reasons we all went to Shrewsbury was that Charles is now the General manager of the Llanfair and Welshpool railway and David and my brother Ian being great steam railway enthusiasts were very keen to visit it. They were in their element with a personal tour round all the places that the general public don't get to see and then there was the return trip down the line.

I can't believe how many photos were taken but four is enough to put on here. 

All too soon Ian and Anne had to leave and we were the only van left on the site still bathed in sunshine.

Last weekend  were we lucky to have all our children plus Nina for Sunday lunch, which was lovely but goodness I don't know if I'm not very good at cooking a traditional Sunday lunch but it seem to take me all morning to sort out in order for us to eat at 2pm and I'd made the pudding the day before!

All change this week as I am on my own and will be for another two weeks as David is helping to take a 38ft yacht from France to Greece. I have a list of jobs to complete whilst he is away some of which are long overdue! but intend to make time to keep you up to date a little better than of late so I'll say goodbye and see you soon xx

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