Monday, 25 January 2016

Socks, cakes and decorating

Goodness another 2 weeks disappeared in a flash and what have I got to show for it - well as the blog title says 'socks, cakes and decorating'.
First the socks - I had this from Christmas from Nina

Sock wool and a round needle (which arrived later). I fancied trying my hand at sock knitting and by using a 70% wool yarn hopefully they might keep my feet warm!! My starting point was here - Winwick Mum's sockalong, which has very clear instructions for people like me who are beginners, and I'm not doing too bad. I'm over half way through the first one and am pleased with it. I hope to get more done when we go away in the caravan later this week (pictures when I finish!)

Cakes - a lovely Saturday morning baking

  toffee chocolate brownies and treacle and walnut cake

Cappuccino squares - (well they will be once they are cut up!)

All very yummy! and just in case you were worried about how much cake David and I eat - I froze nearly all of it in small portions to be eaten as and when.

Decorating - well that's not really me doing that but I have been making new curtains

As always I end up cutting out on the lounge floor, but with very few seams to sew I have finished them apart from the hems, which I'll do once the curtain rail goes back up and I can measure the length. The result of the decorating will mean that with a bed move out of Charlotte's bedroom and into the newly decorated bedroom (which belonged to Jonathan) I can at last, have a proper sewing room!!! I CAN'T WAIT. I have had my Gran's old pine kitchen table for at least 30 years, waiting in the garage for a point at which I could use it, and that time has at last come. So watch this space ......

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