Sunday, 12 June 2016

Where does time go?

I can't believe (well maybe I can) that's it over 4 weeks since I wrote. In that time we have flown down to Cornwall for Nina's 1st birthday and had our usual Spring Bank week down there.
The birthday few days were lovely

 How I love this Doncaster to Newquay route. This time we flew in down the middle of Cornwall so no seeing the beaches.
We managed a walk on the beach the day we arrived

and Aunty Becbec read some stories

Lying on ones tummy was fine but trying to crawl was a no no

The day of Nina's birthday we went down to Watergate Bay to the Watergate Bay Hotel for coffee that turned into lunch.

and photographs

and then back to finish the party food

welcome guests

open presents

eat cake

blow out candles

and have a photo shoot

What a day!

The following day Charlotte and Angus were at a wedding so it was left to David, Becky and I to take charge. We went down into Padstow to the Basement for a cream tea.

then we had a walk on Harlyn Beach

before going home.

We had to leave the next day but before we left we managed a walk on Treyanon Beach

with a paddle for some.

Then along the cliff path past the natural swimming pool

over the stile

to Constantine Bay

then back to Treyanon to the Youth Hostel for lunch.

then to the airport

and home, flying over the beaches this time.

  Eventually leaving Trevose Head behind.

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