Sunday, 12 October 2014

Flowers in progress and an Autumnal hearth

Having spent a couple of my caravan weekends away crocheting flowers it was about time I got them onto sticks and ready to sell at the craft fair next month. David and I walked up to our local wood armed with secateurs and 3 large bags. We didn't need to go very far till we came to a number of silver birch trees - they give the best sticks for this. We didn't even move from there as there were more than enough (or so I thought) on the ground for what I needed and very soon our bags were filled.

Back home and here are the flowers and buttons for the middles

I wanted to do a couple of things with them this time. Most would just be made to sell individually but some I wanted to put in jars, coordinating them, so some sorting was needed.

Well having worked for a couple of hours on Friday some more on Saturday and this afternoon I have finally used up all the sticks (but still need more) and completed 330!!!

Here is the first stage putting the flowers on the sticks and then I glue-gun the buttons on.

Here are some of the finished ones

I really enjoyed 'trimming up' the jars, something I've not done before .

Before I go I have finally finished changing the decorations round our 'hole in the wall' and am pleased with the results

and yes Kate those are the flowers you left on the caravan step! I have just put them in the bin today to replace them with this

 We are now all ready to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow as we do every year. The turkey has defrosted, the stuffing made and the pumpkin pie ready to be hidden away before anyone helps themselves

I hope you've enjoyed the weekend as much as I have. Anne x

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  1. Such a lovely Autumny post Anne, you've been so busy ! I love the jars of flowers and I'm sure they'll fly off the shelves at the craft fair. Such a pretty fireplace too - I can't believe how long the flowers have lasted !
    have a good rest of week,
    Kate x


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