Saturday, 1 November 2014

Two 'W's' and a 'C'

I do feel I have neglected you all out there during these last few weeks so apologies for that. The reason is in the blog title - the first 'W' is for work, I have worked quite a lot of extra shifts to cover for my colleagues who have been away and it feels like October has just flown by, but next week it's my turn to go away
(more later on).
The second 'W' is for weddings and with two within a few weeks of each other next summer, momentum is gathering. We went wedding dress shopping last Saturday for Becky where she found two she 'loved' so I suggested that she arranged to go back with Charlotte when she arrived in a couple of days to see what she thought - a good move by me as you will see further on . The following day (Sunday) we all went up to Richmond, North Yorkshire to see the venue that she and Tom had chosen for their wedding. It was lovely, the views were stunning, here's a little taster

The accommodation in the eco-lodges will be perfect for all those who wish to stay 'on site' and some lovely B&B's in Richmond itself for other guests. So a tick for the venue and it was crossed off the 'to do' list.
Charlotte drove up from Cornwall on Monday so the wedding talk was non stop from then on. She had arranged for Becky to try on dresses in the  Harrogate Wedding Lounge

It was a really lovely experience, very informative with lots of laughing and guess what? ..... she found another dress that she loved only this time she loved it so much that it became 'The One' and we bought it!! hooray, one down, one to go! so another item crossed off the 'to do' list. We were going to carry on to another venue for Charlotte to have her turn to look but she decided that we'd had enough excitement for one day and we would go into Harrogate for lunch. The girls wanted to go to Betty's but the queues were so long that we abandoned that idea and found a really nice cafe down a side street (very near La Tasca for anyone who might like to go there) and had lunch there.
My 'C' is for crafting, I've two craft fairs coming up so have been really busy making stuff for them. I am beginning to feel that I'm getting on top of it and another couple of days should see most of it done. I bought some more wool with a voucher I had had for my birthday

and couldn't resist making some more flowers

 I've been recycling a hand embroidered tray cloth into lavender bags

 and pin cushions

making fabric birds for Christmas

They are now sewn and stuffed ready to hang.
I've completed the first of my two knitting bags (which I really want to keep for myself!)

and made gift tags, cards and twig stars for hanging. I've the tin can lanterns to punch holes in and trim up and marmalade to make so there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is a good job because on Tuesday we fly out to Portugal with Charlotte and Angus to see their wedding venue! Really looking forward to that and spending time in Lisbon.
So with that I'll bid you goodbye and I promise not to leave you for so long next time, till then, bye xxx


  1. Have a great trip. Getting colder here next week, you timed it perfectly!

    1. Thank you I'm sure we will, looking forward to being able to walk along a beach and see the sea! L A x


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