Monday, 17 November 2014

Lovely Lisbon - Part 1

We returned to a rather cold UK after our trip to Lisbon and after a week at home life @ number 6 has settled back down. I left you as we were about to embark on a trip to Lisbon to see the wedding venue that Charlotte and Angus had found. We were partly successful in that as we did get to see the outside and spent time in the area but unfortunately David and I we weren't able to see inside as it was occupied whilst we were there, but Charlotte and Angus went back after we left and had a full tour and loved it!!!
But to start at the beginning as we landed at Lisbon we were aware that an EasyJet plane had 'parked' right next to our plane and guessed rightly that it was the one Charlotte and Angus were on so we waited in the baggage collection area and surprised them. After collecting our hire car we had to negotiate the Lisbon roads - not the easiest, but David with the help of the satnav did an amazing job and although it took us up and down narrow one way streets. After doing some difficult maneuvering and then a 90degree turn (which due to narrowness and concrete bollards took a couple of forwards and backwards) we were finally on the Rua da Rosa in the Bairro Alto district of Lisbon, number 223 being our destination, and there it is to the right of the open door.

We at the very top, up 100 stairs - good exercise though. With all the streets in Bairro Alto first impressions are not great, graffiti everywhere and quite alot of peeling paint.

But at night the doors are open and the shutters taken down and the streets change completely.

But I divert, back to our arrival. As you might imagine with all the narrow one way streets there is no parking so it was a case of being dropped off and then David and Angus went off to find somewhere to park - an hour later they returned very much in need of a beer! Not a problem as we were in one of the major bar and restaurant areas of Lisbon. You can read more here We were spoilt for choice but the younger members of the party had done plenty of research and knew exactly where to take us. We first went to a bar with amazing lampshades

and then here

A really nice wine bar just  down the street from us where they had a very large selection of wines for us to try whilst we nibbled at a large platter of charcuterie. From there we walked down to the bottom of our street, crossed the road and went to Casa da India

It doesn't look much from the outside but was buzzing inside, with good value food (traditional Portugese despite what the name indicates) and even better value wine!

By the time we'd finished eating we were all flagging having been up so early so called it a day.

The following morning when we looked out of our bedroom window this is what we saw......

We planned to go and look for the wedding venue but first we had to find the car park which proved a bit of a problem as the neither David or Angus could quite remember where it was. On our way to find it we came across a viewing point.

Eventually after an hour with the help of the satnav and internet we found it - had we gone down our street and turned right instead of left, walked for 3-4 minutes we would have come to it! We were soon on our way out of Lisbon and on the road to Estoril, passing through there and on to Cascais by which time lunch was being mentioned.

Feeling much better for the food we explored the town which was delightful, here is a little flavour of it.

 We had other places on our itinerary for the day so carried on further west stopping to watch the waves 

Despite not being able to get into The Quinta (wedding venue) we did want to find it. I knew we were on the right road as I had spent time looking on google maps and using the 'yellow man' on street view to find exactly where it was and as we rounded a corner there it was! 

 Like many of the buildings in and around Lisbon the outside doesn't reflect how the inside looks and from what Charlotte has said that was very true here . It was disappointing to be there and not be able to get in but there you go - you win some, you loose some. Both Charlotte and Angus were keen to find the nearest beach and after driving for what seemed like an age down a lane we found it.

By now the sun was starting to set and it had turned a little chilly so we retraced our steps and made our way back to Lisbon hitting the awful evening traffic, and eventually finding the car park. 
An hour lounging on the bed catching up with emails and messages from family left behind and we were off out again to hit the bars and finally eating at another good value restaurant 

A busy but successful day.


  1. Great photos Anne, you've really made me want to visit Portugal now :) Looking forward to hearing more of the wedding plans! Jillxo

    1. Thank you Jill, I could really recommend Lisbon for a weekend break. Will be writing part 2 later today so watch this space!! L A xx


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