Sunday, 18 January 2015

A breath of fresh air

I was definitely in need of a breath of fresh air on Wednesday as I had worked more than usual and was due in that afternoon and the next morning. Lucky for us here in South Yorkshire it was blue skies and sun so David and I set off to walk up through the woods near our house to Boston Castle. It's a walk we have 're-discovered' whilst looking after friend's dogs, (we did ring to see if Oskar - the miniature schnauzer we often have, was available to go with us, but he was out). It was so peaceful up there, sometimes you get the hum of industry and the M1 depending on the direction of the wind but Wednesday was quiet.

As we emerged from the wooded area these are the views we got 

You might just see the Tinsley Viaduct in the middle of the picture below, with Meadowhall behind and the hills of Derbyshire beyond - quite a view!

Boston castle was built in 1773 as a hunting lodge, there is more information here and more recently here. It has gone from this

to this

to this

and then this

Boston Castle

but then gradually this started to happen

and now we have this

and here is a picture which gives a longer view  

It is so good when buildings like these are restored and are used again. We'll be back there again soon as we have Polly dog coming to stay in a couple of weeks, lets hope the weather will be as good for dog walking. Till the next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend, L Anne x

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