Thursday, 22 January 2015

Menu Planning

It's very rare that I don't plan meals. I think it goes back to when I was teaching and had three children at home, so I had to be organised. I've never got out of the habit but now I find it interesting to see how far we can make food stretch and how little we need to spend on it. I use all sorts of sources for meal planning - Pinterest, Good Food and my many recipe books, often going in phases with the books I use. At the moment I am using recipes from 'A girl called Jack' (you can find it here) which I borrowed from the library, having spotted it when I was there for my weekly knit and natter. You can read all about Jack on her web site and also follow her blog. I like the book because there are so many recipes that appealed to me and they were for two people, so the quantities were a good guide as I still tend to cook just that little bit too much. But enough said and here's what we have on the menu this week ( I generally work from Friday to Friday).

Friday - Fish pie - made up as I go along!

Saturday - From 'A girl called Jack'  courgette, tomato and brie gratin - I think we'll maybe have some garlic bread with it

Photography by Susan Bell.

Sunday - A Nigella recipe Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes with some sort of green vegetable/s


and for pudding as it's Sunday and Becky and Tom are coming to eat with us Delia's Little sticky toffee puddings

 Little Sticky Toffee Puddings with Pecan Toffee Sauce

Monday - From 'A girl called Jack' Moroccan not-a-tagine. I think I'll use apricots instead of prunes as I have some in the cupboard.

Photography by Susan Bell

Tuesday - One of our staples, Macaroni cheese. It will probably have all sorts of bits from the fridge that need using up added to it e.g. bacon or fresh tomatoes.

Wednesday - Think this might be an 'eating up the leftovers' day

Thursday - From ' A girl called Jack' Not meatballs with tagliatelle


I also have a couple of soups I want to make for our lunches, both from November's Country Living magazine. The first is 'Sweet potato and ginger' and the second is 'Butternut squash and bacon'. Both I have done before and are just the thing for this cold weather. Unfortunately I can't find you a link to a recipe for them.
I am also planning to make a lemon drizzle cake which is from Sam Stern's 'Student Cookbook'

So there you have it, our meals for the week, maybe some might appeal to you! Till the next time, keep safe and warm Anne x


  1. I have printed off the sticky toffee pudding. It would be rude not to!

    1. I have to say Jessica it's one of the easiest and yummiest that I have had. I usually use ramekin dishes for individual ones and also as some of the family don't like dates I can make some without. Hope you enjoy it/them. L A x PS one of my friends makes a dozen at a time and freezes them so can then take out as many as needed.

  2. It is a good idea to make a meal plan, I do a 2 week one, leftovers get frozen for my lunch!! xx

    1. Having been in my big freezer this morning to get some stock I have found all sorts of leftovers so I think a cheap week coming up! L A x


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