Friday, 20 February 2015

A week in pictures

My week has certainly been busy but only with normal family life and work so I thought I would show you what's been happening through the photographs I have taken.
Saturday turned into a mammoth marmalade making morning when I decided to use the 2kg of seville oranges I had in the freezer in order to free space to freeze some fresh ones. I'll not do that again - it didn't all fit in my big preserving pan so I had to have another pan going at the same time

I ended up with the equivalent of 17 1lb jars, I'll not be making any more for a long time.

We not only celebrated pancake day on Tuesday but also the arrival of Charlotte who flew in from Newquay for a few days. What was going to be savoury pancakes for 3 turned into savoury pancakes for 5 as we took them up to Becky and Tom's for tea. Chicken and mushroom along with leeks and cottage cheese - very yummy!

A little bit of crafting on Wednesday as I finished a batch of stick flowers for Becky's friend to choose from.

Charlotte wanted to chalk paint some chairs she had been given ready for her new house, so our hall was turned upside down.

My idea of celebrating Chinese New Year with a homemade chinese meal went to pot as Charlotte and Becky were keen to go to Akbars for a curry as we hadn't made there at Christmas. However I decided that I would still get my lanterns, mats and table runner that I bought in Vietnam out anyway.

So they still remain on the table for tonight's family meal, where I am expecting all 3 children to be with us. I have just taken a Bakewell pudding out of the oven which since the photograph was taken has sunk in the middle!

Tomorrow Charlotte and Becky and I are going up to Levisham near Pickering to see Cheryl-Ann to talk about veils and head dresses, so really looking forward to that.
Enjoy your weekend - I know I will. L Anne xx

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