Friday, 6 February 2015

We made it there and back!

Well despite the snow we managed to get the caravan off the drive last Friday

and when we got to Bridlington it was like this

although there was a little of this

Saturday was very different, extremely windy with some very heavy showers and a raging sea

 The north landing
Flamborough Head and lighthouse n the background

The air sea rescue were out on maneuvers

We had a very disturbed Saturday night due to the high winds and rain, but as morning broke the wind did subside a little and the rain eventually stopped. We decided to go into Filey for our beach walk but unfortunately the tide was coming in so we couldn't get far and ended up on the promenade watching some very hardy surfers

and then up through the park and down the back steps to the cobble landing

where we had a picnic!

and a go on the slots

and because we hadn't really managed a good walk on the beach we went back to the south beach at Bridlington 

I really like it up that end by the sand dunes, although I'm not sure whether I would like to live in one of those houses as they were rather remote.
By Monday the wind had gone to our relief so no problems towing the van home after our last walk across the beach to the harbour

All very similar to last year and just as good despite the weather. All we need is good food and excellent company both of which we had.

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