Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Major calendar malfunction

I was just settling down to write about our trip to Woodhall Spa on Friday afternoon when I had phone call from my very good friend Anne which went like this
Anne 'Where are you?'
Me 'At home, why?'
Anne 'We were meeting at the entrance to Centre Parcs '
Me ' I thought that was next week'
Anne ' No it's this weekend'
Me - pause ' Oh right, well don't worry I have all the food in the freezer and the drink is in boxes in the dinning room so it won't take us long to pack so we'll be with you soon'
A look at our calendar confirmed that I was to blame for the mix up - my writing, however there was no time to dwell on that. A quick shout to David who was cutting the grass to stop and come in to pack, a phone call to the friends we were meeting in the pub that night to say we couldn't make it, a climb up into the loft for a suitcase and we started to pack. Within 45 minutes we were on the road and in another 45 minutes we were at the entrance to Centre Parcs. The week end was to celebrate a 60th birthday and there were eight of us altogether and what a good weekend we had, here are just a few pictures

Some competitive bowling

with much discussion afterwards

a walk passed the tree houses

visitors at our patio doors

watching the rugby

and the wild life

 the happy birthdays

 and realisation that there was more alcohol to take home than was brought!

A quick swim, a ride down the jungle run and 10 minutes in the hot tub was all David and I had time for as I had to be at work for midday. 
So this coming weekend I will be doing all the jobs I had planned for last which includes writing about Woodhall Spa! 

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