Thursday, 19 March 2015

One of those nights

So here I am,  already up (although I do have to go to work in an hour) after having 'one of those nights' You know the kind I mean - the ones where you wake up every couple of hours with 'stuff' going round your head, and then you toss and turn, get cramp in your legs and at some point drop off again to wake and find it's only an hour later. I use to get them all the time when I was teaching and not only did I have all I needed to do going on in my head, but also music went on it. Usually it was the music we were having for our 'wake and shake' that week, but sometimes music that was totally unrelated - just a song that had got stuck in my head. Last nights 'one of those nights' seem to be due to the busy life socially and work wise I have till after Easter. Next week I am working each day the clinic is open with one of those days being all day. We then have a 60th birthday weekend at Centre Parcs which will be full of fun, food and the odd drink. We return on a Monday and I'll be working again for the following three days- one all day and then it's Easter when we go away in the caravan to Gloucestershire - relax!! I'm not complaining as I count myself incredibly fortunate to have chance to do all this and be in good health to do it. So I look forward to a better nights sleep tonight, which I'm sure I will have. Becky is coming for tea, she has had Ofsted in this week, so a glass of something will be in order and I am making her some of these - Cream egg brownies. Find the recipe here

I am also planning a weekend of cooking and baking plus writing about our trip to Woodhall Spa. Till then enjoy your day!


  1. Those brownies look and sound evil! But yum! Have a good day Anne :)

    1. They really are good Jill, just made a batch to have for tea. I tip if you're interested is I used dark brown sugar, I find the mixture will stretch to 8 buns which is exactly the number of galaxy caramel eggs you get in a £1 packet! L A xx


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