Saturday, 1 August 2015

Spurn Point

I'm not sure where last weekend went to - in a haze of wedding preparations I think, and now it's Saturday already. Despite the 'manicness' of the last few weeks David and I did get away in the caravan a couple of weekends ago. I felt the need to be by the sea so found us a little 'location site' ( only 5 vans ) at Kilnsea near Spurn Point.

As we walked out of the site to the right we were on the Humber Estuary

and turning left we very quickly reached the North Sea

The Wikipedia link gives you a brief history of Spurn Point or Spurn Head as it's also known, and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust the nature reserve.

We walked from the site (top leftish corner) to the point and back setting off in the sun and returning in the rain, making sure the tides were right as the point gets cut off at high tide.

there is a hut to shelter in if you do get cut off

The lighthouse is being restored through grants from the Heritage lottery fund and will be a wonderful place when finished.

The lifeboat station is at the end of the point and the crew are full time, living there with their families - rather isolated but spectacular.

Our other day was spent around Withernsea - a once thriving seaside destination but now much quieter, although they do run events at the weekends throughout the summer. There was a steam rally there when we were there.

The 'castle-like' pier towers were the entrance to the pier, which was built in 1877. Due to collisions with a number of local ships it no longer exists!
We found a delightful coffee shop where we were the only customers - such a shame as the coffee was good and the cakes delicious.

All in all a very good weekend to relax and have time to do some 'wedding work' They are from Kate of Just Pootling and you can find the pattern here

We are now very much into wedding countdown mode with it now being just 7 days. I hope to share next week with you very soon but I will tell you that the box my hat is in takes up half the back seat and comes half way up the back seat!! xx


  1. Spurn Point looks spectacular! Have a good week and fabulous day next Saturday x

    1. Thank you so much, I'm sure we will. Just started to pack the caravan and it's looking ok! xx


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