Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Wedding

Gosh can't believe how this time 2 weeks ago we were getting ready for Becky and Tom's wedding with an hour to go. We have many photographs but are still waiting for the official ones (between 8 and 10,000 snaps were taken in the 2 days!). Trying to pick out just a few from ours is hard but grab a coffee or better still a glass of something and join in the fun we had.

There was so much to take we ended up with 2 cars and the caravan loaded up.

Before we started the reception room looked like this

and was transformed into this

by way of this

The ladders bought on ebay were fixed together to form the wedding arch

 which later in the evening became the photo booth

another room was transformed into the bar with EVERYTHING being transported up

I had amazing help from my Canadian friend with the bouquets

and whilst we were doing those and the button holes others were sorting tea and finding enough chairs, stools and bedside tables for 14 to sit and eat.

before going up to the 'bar' for a 'night before the wedding' celebration - well that had to make sure that the beer from Harthill Village Brewery had traveled ok.

The evening wouldn't have been complete without the odd drinking game in bride v groom teams!

6-30am the morning of the wedding saw me doing more flowers

and turning up Jonathan's trousers

before I spent a quiet hour or so up at the venue finishing off the table decorations - (no pictures as no-one around) -
then time to get ready.
You would have thought that as the crow flies Becky was maybe a couple of hundred meters away she would be on time, but no she did it in style and was nearly 40 minutes late!
And here they are as Mr and Mrs

and with us

and our family

 and I really like this one with Becky and Jonathan

gorgeous bridesmaids

a veil as light as a feather from Cheryl-ann Taylor

a delicious 'naked' wedding cake made by Fran

finished off by dancing in the moonlight (the Leeds and Rotherham Holts)

Clearing up the next day was the team effort that setting up had been and Natural Retreats was left as clean and tidy as it had been when we first arrived

and may they live happily ever after



  1. Wonderful photos and don't you scrub up well lol, love your outfit, perfect :) Looks like a perfect day :)

    1. Thank you Jill, it really was lovely. I always like to see the youngsters dressed up and secretly I think the boys really enjoy it - you can't beat a white shirt for smartness. That was not the dress I was going to wear, was out with Becky and she saw it and decided that I should have that. Now we are on to the next one for Charlotte in just 5 weeks but very little work as it's in Portugal and decorations, flowers etc will all be done for us xx


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