Sunday, 8 November 2015

A quiet sort of week

I can't believe that David has been away for 3 weeks, and to think I was a little concerned about how I would feel about being on my own for all that time especially the weekends. But no the time has raced by and I haven't crossed everything off my 'to do' list. It's not that I have been out and about all the time cos I haven't. The first weekend he was away I never spoke to anyone (apart from the Asda checkout lady) from Saturday morning till I went in to work for a meeting Monday lunchtime. I was quite happy pottering around cleaning, sorting cupboards, baking and cooking. I nearly always have music on either the radio or ipod. On a Saturday it's 'Sounds of the sixties' followed by James Martin and 'Saturday kitchen' on the television.  Sunday I tend to put the ipod on to shuffle songs and enjoy the huge variety we have on there.
This week 3 friends from knit and natter and I went out to a new fabric shop which also has a rather nice coffee shop. Their fabrics were gorgeous and it was very much a quilters paradise. A couple of hours passed quickly especially once we were sat down enjoying their coffee and scones! I went straight to work from there and seem to spend from then till Thursday in a haze of going to work, coming home, eating, bed, getting up, doing a few jobs and back to work again - no wonder the week passed quickly. I had fully intended to go to knit and natter Thursday evening but the rain came down and motivation left me so I spent the time crocheting at home watching Nigella on catch up. This is my WIP

Image of Canyon Shrug

I found it on Pinterest here and realised that even with my limited crocheting skills I could do it. I am using Stylecraft special aran in midnight 

and it's coming along very well, in fact I've nearly finished it. Unfortunately I have no camera as David has taken it so can't show you any pictures of how far I've got. 
I had company Friday night in the form of Oskar ( our friends dog ) who came and spent the night with me whilst his owners went out for the night. We didn't even go out for our usual early morning walk on Saturday morning as he took one look at the rain and went back to his basket - I have to say I was rather relieved as I wasn't that bothered about walking in the pouring rain! 
After he went home I set to making 'cheat's sourdough'

Cheat’s sourdough

I had seen it in the Good Food magazine a couple of months ago and had made a mental note to give it a go. I have been reasonably successful in that it rose and tasted nice, but I did fail in getting the crust on the top. I would like to have a go at making proper sourdough sometime as I do like it. Whilst it was rising I retreated upstairs to my 'sewing room' to finish a pinafore dress I was making for Nina (there is a bit of a surprise to this so will post more once she has it) and did in fact finish it other than the hem. Today looking at the weather I can't imagine going anywhere, but that's fine as I have a Thai fish pie to make along with a Coq au vin and the advent Christmas stocking line to finish and then I can start Nina's Christmas stocking - something I am very much looking forward to doing. We have a week in Dartmouth booked and then on to Cornwall to look after Nina whilst her Mum and Dad go to a wedding in the village. David arrives back with less than a day to turn himself round before we leave so it may be a couple of weeks before I am back with you but I will have my camera back to look out for pictures!! 

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