Sunday, 29 November 2015

A wet week in Dartmouth.

Sitting here looking out of the window seeing rain and wind reminds me very much of Dartmouth the other week, apart from the fact that this was our view there - much better than looking into our garden right now.

We knew the forecast was pretty grim for the whole week but even so I don't think we expected to have to dress like this

to walk the few hundred yards to get a coffee at Bayards Cove Inn

Still the welcome, warmth and decent coffee made getting 'togged up' worth while. We did decide that it really wasn't worth walking up to the castle and maybe lunch back at the apartment with a bottle of wine and an afternoon reading the papers was a better plan.
It did improve slightly the next day and we did get our walk to Dartmouth castle ( a round trip of just 3.4 miles in case you're interested) but as you can see the weather still wasn't great.

However what was great, no not just great, but VERY great was our Sunday dinner at Riverford field kitchen. (You may remember we went there with Charlotte and Angus on our way back from Falmouth after new year) We had wanted to take our good friends C and A there and they were suitably impressed.

We had two salads to start, lamb with 3 gorgeous vegetable dishes and then because 'we know it's hard to choose a dessert so you can have 2 half portions if you like' - well what would you do confronted with 6 or 7 choices. In the end I had sticky toffee pudding and a chocolate torte - delicious. If you are ever down Totnes way, do think about going as it really is a lovely experience, but be sure to book, there is no turning up on the day.

The weather continued to hamper our activities, C and A left and before Charlotte and Nina arrived later that day David and I got a very quick walk on Blackpool Sands till the heavens opened again.

 Blackpool sands is not how I would describe this place as firstly you are not in Blackpool and secondly the beach is pea shingle not sand but it was a breath of fresh air.

Nina was a delight, having changed again since we last saw her a few weeks ago, very contented to lie under her 'jungle gym' knocking and pulling everything that hung on it and putting them in her mouth.

We decided to go to Bigbury on Sea and walk across to Burgh Island

To get to Burgh Island on foot you have to wait for the tide to go out, otherwise you use the beach tractor.

The tide was right for us but my goodness was it windy. It was at this point we realised how sheltered we were in Dartmouth. The art deco, Burgh Island hotel was a favourite haunt of Agatha Christie and was the setting for her novel 'Evil under the sun'. We picnicked in the car watching the sailboarders and kite surfers who unlike us were enjoying the heavy seas and wind.

Our last day started with a coffee in Cafe Alf Resco
This is a 'borrowed' picture to give you flavour of what it looks like in good weather. 

For us the inside was all trimmed up with an autumn theme, but despite the weather we choose to sit in the outside area.

Our last day was spent in Totnes - one of my favourite places

Because it was Friday it was market day. Bric a brac mingling with crafts, organic vegetables, artisan breads and street food. I was so so tempted to buy another basket chair and of course kicked myself afterwards for not. I did get a little something for Nina though which has been put away for Christmas.
Leaving Totnes was made easier by the fact that we were not travelling home but - yes you've probably guessed  it down to Cornwall. We were on our first baby sitting stint whilst Charlotte and Angus went to a wedding, but more about that another time.

As today is the first Sunday in Advent I'll leave you our Advent candles

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