Monday, 15 May 2017


Gosh, so long since I blogged I really need to get back in to it. My problem is that I use Instagram and it is so easy to use my phone take pictures and post on there so a lot of what I may put on here goes on there. At the moment I am on as zambonie_anne if you want to find me but I am hoping to set a 'Life@number 6' up. As with anything technical I need a young person to help me - so watch this space!

We've been here there and everywhere since my last post. Outings in the caravan took us to Hardwick Hall, Skipsea Sands and last weekend Harrogate, all very enjoyable. 

Nina came to stay just before Easter when the weather was gorgeous. I had bought a shallow trug which was perfect for water play.

You don't need much when there is water to play with!

We had a couple of lovely unexpected lunches out, yesterday was one of those. We found ourselves near Allestree in Derbyshire and so were able to go to The Little Shed.

Image result for the little shed allestree

What a wonderful place, I had been drooling over their cakes on Instagram for a while so it was brilliant to be able to taste them.

Some were in there having afternoon tea

but we had sandwiches and shared the most delicious chocolate and orange cake but I think I might need to revisit for the afternoon tea! (note the pictures were courtesy of Google images)

But back to today, the caravan is on the drive and being loaded up in between today's showers ready for our Spring Bank trip to Cornwall. This year we are going for nearly 3 weeks, unlike last year when we flew down for Nina's birthday, came back for me to go to work and then took the van down a few days later. Once we are down, we are down! We will be well and truly settled by the time everyone arrives and this year we'll have a full compliment by Saturday as all our children plus husbands, partners and dogs will be there. A quick count up means there will be 14 plus a dog for our 'French Sunday lunch on a Saturday'. I just hope we get a good day to expand outside otherwise it could be quite a squash.

So until the next time xxxx

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