Sunday, 6 April 2014

Magnificent magnolia

Aren't magnolias beautiful? Ours had started to flower before we left for Ireland and I was very pleased to see it in full bloom when we came back. However it very much depends on the weather as to how long they remain in flower and today ours has lost at least half of them in the winds. Knowing these facts I did have the foresight to take some pictures earlier in the week and here they are

Gorgeous, if only they lasted!

Now yesterday I wrote that you would have to wait to find out what I did with this 

well I can now reveal that some of that fabric went from that to this

and then to these

decorations for Easter. I might add some eyes, what do you think? I couldn't decide. The rabbit pattern was from the Little Fabric Shop blog and the birds were from a Cath Kidston pattern that was in her Sew book. I really enjoyed making them and so went into my fabric stash and found some gingham which I used to make these.

Well I'm going to have to say goodbye as I have bread in the oven which smells as if it needs to be taken out. Till the next time x


  1. Your magnolia looks (looked) good! Only today I convinced Mike that we really do need to get one. He was commenting on several as we were driving about. They are fleeting, but for those precious few days, glorious.

    1. Hi I have tried to add you to my blog list but for some reason despite telling me it's save you, you're not coming up on the list. Will keep trying though. Anne

  2. My parents bought it us years ago and we brought it with us when moved 23 years ago, for a while it didn't do much but now goes from strength to strength


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