Monday, 7 April 2014

The wonders of modern technology

Going back to 'getting back to normal' I need to carry on with our 'normal'week and tell you about Friday evening. We had decided that we needed to celebrate J's job offer from Lend Lease, the construction company so asked B and boyfriend T to join us at the pub and then tea back at ours. That was duly accepted and whilst at the pub B asked if they could stay overnight. No problem really except that both spare bedrooms seemed to have been taken over by 'stuff' so deciding that if I went home I could have 10mins to deal with them - plan made. It's amazing what you can shove under a bed when you need to isn't it? They arrived back and D opened a bottle of bubbly and B proposed a toast to J, very touching it was.

then she decided that she would take a picture of us all and send it to C down in Cornwall. She in turn immediately rang to find out what was going off and expressed a wish that she would like to be with us. The genie from the lamp ie J granted her wish and she was duly linked up via facetime, propped up at the end of the table to join us while we ate 

You should just be able to see her at the end of the table! It really made the evening to have her with us, with her joining in as if she was there - the wonders of modern technology


  1. Congratulations to J on his job offer. Technology's great, isn't it? I'd never used Skype before Daniel went to university, but it's the easiest way to keep in touch, even though he's only up the road in York.

    1. Thank you Jo, I once went into B's room to find 2 laptops facing each other, one on skype to C who was in Vietnam, the other with the latest episode of'Towie' on for C to watch!


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