Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Old School Coffee Shop, Grosmont

The final part of our weekend in north Yorkshire and one of the nicest bits - The Old School Coffee Shop in Grosmont, which is just up the path by the railway which leads to the engine sheds.
Who could resist a coffee stop in a place that had a sign like this

and this

and looked like this

and inside was this

and whose tables outside have these on them 

the coffee was delicious, complete with latte art

the seating outside was heaven for D

as he had a view of this

Do you get the idea I liked this place? Well I loved it. there were some lovely touches like the pop up tables we sat at by the wall,they and the chairs were just the right height to sit and watch the trains. There was a special area for dog owners with 3 bowls full of water so even the dogs could enjoy a coffee stop. The school yard had both sunny and shaded areas to sit, the shade being provided by pergolas planted with flowering climbers. I should also mention the cakes looked absolutely gorgeous and had we not had such a big breakfast half an hour before we would have certainly been sampling.

I've gone on and on about the coffee shop and not even said what we were doing up there in the first place (you can see what my priorities are!). Well D is a steam engine enthusiast, not that he is obsessed by it but where I could spend hours in a craft or vintage shop he is similar with steam engines and you can't go up to North Yorkshire and not visit the North Moors Railway so we had gone up to Grosmont.

If you've not been there it's not a big place but you get the impression that time has stood still especially when you see the Co-op

We walked up to the engine sheds through a tunnel built by George Stephenson

I took a picture of the ceiling on the vivid setting on the camera and it came out like this - amazing colours

D found the engine sheds a little disappointing but never the less enjoyed looking at the 'bits and pieces' around. I preferred looking at the railway cottages that we walked passed on the way back

Once back at the station a train that had just pulled in and we were able to savor the atmosphere complete with the smell of the smoke.

So that completes our weekend in Runswick Bay, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did. Come and visit me soon as I have still to tell you about my mad sewing project late last Friday which involved 3 tea towels. Till then have a lovely sunny day (it's sunny here and still very early) Anne xx

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  1. Totally gorgeous coffee shop, love the old school desk !
    Kate x


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