Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wonderful week

It's seems so long since I wrote to you all, but having had my lovely day at Chelsea I was so lucky to go straight away to my favorite place - Cornwall, where I write to you now. It's the end to one of those perfect Cornish weather days where it started with a sea mist and gradually the sun burnt it off and we ended up with a gorgeous hot afternoon on the beach, which is now ending in a beautiful sunset. I want to tell and show you so much about my special place but I am going to wait till I get home ( internet connection is very iffy here) as there is Chelsea first, but just as a little teaser here is the view from my caravan window as I type

 and here is my van

but no more till I'm home. So till then enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love Anne xx


  1. All looks pretty idyllic !
    Kate x

    1. Well we love it Kate, it's a big site Higher Harlyn Park, well laid out with very big electric pitches on the main field. Only £20 last week which for what you get - pitch, 6 people plus you can put a pup tent up in fact we have had 3 pup tents on at times! We always state the pitch number we would like, as we have the sea views and sun in the evening. Going to blog about our week after I've written about Chelsea so watch this space. L A x


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