Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tomorrow's the day!!!

It's almost here and tomorrow is the day for this

which maybe hard to read so try this  

Yes I'm going to CHELSEA!!!! I've always wanted to go but never made it and now I'm going. I'm all packed, camera (with full battery), money, a waterproof coat and very comfy shoes!, don't need to take much, only essentials. I'm going to work shortly for a few hours and then down the M1 to Nottingham, home of the very special couple who gave me this gift (It's A who I went to Paul Hollywood with) where I'm sure there will be a gin and tonic waiting for me and a rather lovely tea cooked by A. We're getting the train down to London in the morning - maybe a glass of Bucks Fizz might be called for as we travel! and a whole day of heaven. 
Just to add the icing on the cake when I return from Nottingham on Thursday D, B and I leave for our very special annual holiday in Cornwall, where many more friends will be arriving and of course, my eldest, C will be waiting for us (we've not seen her for 5 months).The caravan is packed and ready to go and SO AM I! 

I'll be sharing both Chelsea and Cornwall with you as soon as I can so till then BYE


  1. How exciting Anne - have the best of days and enjoy every moment. Looking forward to seeing the piccys,
    Kate x

    1. Thank you Kate, had a wonderful day, found I had taken 300 pictures would have been more but the battery went on the camera and I found the spare wasn't charged. Just in caravan in Cornwall so if we get weather as predicted tomorrow will be blogging about it. L A xx


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