Monday, 9 June 2014

Cornwall Part 1

Just a week ago and we were travelling back from our 10 days in Cornwall - yes I managed to stretch it out for 10 whole days. We were lucky with the weather apart from the first Sunday when it rained a lot of the  day as it was pretty dry with a couple of hot beach days thrown in.
We arrived Friday early afternoon and got ourselves sorted on our usual pitch, usual in that we have requested the same spot for a good number of years knowing that we can see both sides of the headland at Trevose Head and we'll get the evening sun straight in the awning.
Here is our view.

Our first job was to get the awning up whilst the weather was fine and there was no wind, lucky for us daughter number , Charlotte arrived on her way home from one job before she went to off her other, so as the saying goes 'many hands make light work' and we soon had it up.

Another visitor that evening was Charlotte's partner Angus on his way home from work. he came bringing a rather nice bottle of wine and the offer of a drink down in the 'Cornish' which was quickly taken up.

We woke to some blue sky mixed in with fluffy white clouds, but there was no time to dawdle around as we were expecting visitors and a quick shop at Tesco in Padstow was needed. A quick glance at the paper 

 before daughter number 2 Becky arrived, courtesy of Charlotte's Godparents C and A (yes the ones who gave me my Chelsea gift). They had all set off at 4-45am from Nottinghan to get down and beat the traffic. Full English was on the menu and we were joined by Charlotte and Angus. 
Before the next lot of guests arrived Charlotte needed help with lining her curtains. Now we've done all sorts whilst in Cornwall but making curtain linings was a first. 

She brought her gorgeous 'vintage' sewing machine that Angus had bought her, in the hope I would know how to thread it up and show her how to use it. Once the curtains were done she turned her hand to making some bunting.

We did manage to get the sewing away before our very good friends the Angels arrived along with Becky's Godmother, Jan. We have met them for many, many years (25 to be precise) in Cornwall and they are now bringing a 3rd generation of the family. They live near Bath so we don't get to see them that often and the first Saturday of our holidays is special to us all. We have what our children call ' French Sunday dinner on a Saturday'. If you've been to France you'll know what we mean, large family dinner with everyone round the table and that's what it's like with us

This year we had WiFi, so a look for songs from Frozen provided the musical entertainment

We don't get very far on a Saturday so it's just as well the site has a swimming pool for the younger members to go in later in the afternoon.

Sunday morning started rather nice so I suggested to Becky that we took the car down to Constantine and had a walk before breakfast. Constantine is my absolute favourite place, I never ever get tired of walking along it and there's something special about it for me. Over the years we have had so many beach bbq's on it and as it faces west the sunsets are lovely. Lots and lots of happy memories. 
Here it is

(this was taken on vivid)

We walked along to Booby's Bay where the storms of the winter had revealed a ship wrecked years ago

This was named by Charlotte as 'The little house by the sea' after reading the book of that name by Benedict Blathwayt. We've never seen anyone there but occasionally there are wet suits are hanging on the line. I would love to stay there but no one seems to know anything about it, or even if it's a rental property.

The colour of the seaweed was so green

And there was pink thrift on the cliff top

it was a lovely walk, so quiet.

Our first Sunday morning often follows a pattern, a visit by the younger Angels plus Dad or Nanna to see what our plans are. This year it was Nanna (otherwise known as Jan) who brought them and Becky (otherwise known as Betty to Miss E Angel) set up a hair dressing salon, which remained open all week despite it being a bank holiday!

once the hair was done we all retired to Waves for coffee.

and then it rained, and rained, and rained. So Charlotte completed her bunting by adding a name on it, Becky started a ripple blanket and I knitted a pair of slippers for the elder Angel, Miss I.

There we remained until early evening when we went over to where C and A were staying for a very nice evening meal.

What a lot to say and only 2 days in to the holiday - the next installment coming soon. L Anne x

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  1. What a lovely time you must have had and I love that your caravan became such a hive of crafty activity.
    Looking forward to more to follow ...
    Kate x


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