Friday, 13 June 2014

Cornwall Part 2

After a busy 2 days working this week I have sneaked downstairs at some silly time in the morning to enjoy a coffee and blogging!
So to continue with our holiday, Monday saw quite a good day weather wise, Becky needed to do some report writing (That's becoming a distant memory for me) so Charlotte suggested a walk starting at Porthcothan Bay and going on the cliff path to Bedruthan steps and up to the National Trust Cafe for a coffee and then across the fields back to where she lives. We were very keen to go down to Porthcothan as during the winter the 'doughnut hole' fell into the sea.

Here is our route - across Porthcothan Bay

up on the coastal path

Views across to Constantine Bay(above picture) and Diggorys Bay with Newquay in the distance (below picture)

For some reason we don't appear to have any pictures of the cream tea at Bedruthan Steps but I can tell you it was very nice.
The day ended with a typical Cornish sunset

And on Tuesday we woke to this

blue skies and sun! The awning was quickly opened (so quick that the sides were unzipped and dropped  to the floor) to let the sun flood in.

There was never any question as to where we would be going and what we would be doing - BEACH. The little Angels came round to check that we were going down to our special beach and there we remained till late afternoon when it was time for me to have a belated Mother's day present.

My treat from the girls was cocktails at the Scarlet Hotel, Mawgan Porth

and here we are

Just look what it is like there - the view from the terrace

Looking down towards the hot tubs

'Selfies' - well they have to don't they?

and I must include this - the infinity pool

and all the while David was left to set the bbq up and prepare the tea

Wednesday saw us ending up in Padstow at lunch time. Now I love Padstow having been going there for 30+ years and of course HUGE changes have taken place which everyone knows about, but it's now so busy. Ending up there in the middle of the day is not my idea of how I would spend a nice day. 'Well why did you do it?' I can hear you asking, well David had walked there from Trevone with Clive (of C and A fame) and Becky was meeting a friend she'd met and worked with in Cambodia, so one needed a lift there and the other needed a lift back. After walking down into the town with Becky I found David at his favourite watering hole the London Inn once he'd finished his pint we retreated from Padstow to the car park at Constantine bay for walk along the beach stopping to watch the surfers.

Thursday was dull so we took the opportunity to go to one of our favourite little towns, Wadebridge and have a coffee at Tim's place which is at 1, Foundry St, Wadebridge , PL27.7NW. The reason I have given you the address is that he has no web site at the moment but he is well worth a visit because of this

and these

and just so you can find him this is what the front looks like

As a post script  they have really nice magazines to read whilst you're there and excellent coffee.
Wadebridge is a really nice small town with lots of independent shops. Here are some more photos of it

It's also in the middle of the Camel trail cycle route which runs from Padstow to Bodmin on the old railway track. We've done this many times through the years and never tire of it especially the part between Padstow and Wadebridge as it runs along the estuary.

Now between Wadebridge and Padstow is the old quarry and there you will find 

It's a very enterprising business which Charlotte's partner Angus helps out, here he is at work

as you can see it is a very popular stopping off stop a variety of foody stuff. 
After stopping there for a picnic and another coffee we cycled back to Wadebridge and then stopped off at Treyarnon Bay .

We had a quick walk up to the little pink caravan on the cliff top

This has delicious home made cakes and 'proper' coffee and was one summer, Charlotte's home. She bought the caravan to live in and had it in a field just above Harlyn Bay whilst she worked in various B&B's in Padstow. When she sold it on it was turned into the above.
That evening we were having a real treat - well a belated birthday meal out for me and an early one for David. Can you guess where? think Padstow, think seafood and  - yes you're right the Seafood Restaurant
We've been several times over the years, infact we stayed there for my 50th birthday and took Charlotte and my Mum there when Charlotte graduated from Plymouth. It was lovely, a little more formal I think since it's refurbishment a few years ago. It is expensive but sometimes it's nice to treat yourselves.

And with those last pictures I'm going to let you go as this post is rather long even though I tried to keep it short. The final installment will come over the weekend, so till then bye.


  1. So beautiful Anne, makes me want to be there right now ! And such a lovely Mothers Day treat - girls are the best aren't they !!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

    1. Thank you Kate, we are very lucky with our children, interesting it was Jonathan who sent flowers for Mother's day, Charlotte sent card and cocktail invite and Becky who lives 3 miles away, nothing! Still after a 12 hour shift at the clinic yesterday for her boyfriend and I she did cook for 7 of us. You too enjoy your weekend. Anne x


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