Sunday, 17 May 2015

A quick round up of May so far

The weeks seem to have gone so quick since my laptop died on me and here we are half way through May and apparently only 12 weeks to Becky and Tom's wedding, but before that 6 weeks till Charlotte and Angus have their first baby and we become Grandparents, and I still haven't decided what I want to be called! But more of that another time and on to May - well in fact when I looked at the pictures on my camera the end of April. Charlotte and Angus were finally able to move into their house and we were able to get rid of some of the furniture that had been in our loft and garage for several years. Packing the car was - well see for yourselves

Can't imagine how we'd manage with a smaller car. Thanks to David's excellent packing it all went in and came out without any damage. We had set off very early on the Thursday morning so rewarded ourselves when we got down to Cornwall with lunch at Strong Adolfos just outside Wadebridge. We have passed it so many times but it was never the right time to stop, but this time it was. We were not disappointed, the lunch menu was very interesting and the food excellent

Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. After a quick stop at Harlyn Bay just to check it was still there

it was on to Charlotte and Angus's new house where the unloading started

The old kitchen table that she had been given ? years ago looked lovely in the kitchen

and the blanket chest that we had fetched from York looked immediately at home in the lounge.

The following day was May Day and the 'Obby Oss' celebrations in Padstow. We went down to see what was happening, but discovered that the Obby Oss only comes out 3 times and we had just missed it. Had it been a lovely sunny day we would have had a walk on the coastal path returning to see the next performance, but a 2 hour wait  in the cold and drizzle was not what we wanted to do. We did wander round the town to see the decorations

We started jobs in earnest on the Saturday, curtain poles and shelving for David and curtain alterations for me.

 Plus the plumbing of the washer and dishwasher

It wasn't all work, we had a walk from Treyanon to Constantine later that day

and a stop to watch the surfers

and to collect shells and slate - possible number for the front of Charlotte's house?

Back to the car, passing stone walls and thrift.

Work continued inside and out whilst Charlotte and Angus headed off to Portugal to see their wedding planner. I know what you're thinking, but we enjoyed having the house to ourselves and as the weather wasn't great we were happy to get on and help.
We had another walk Sunday afternoon along Harlyn, this time walking down the lane to 'Cellars'

the tide's not high enough for jumping off 'Cellar's rock' today

But it was too far up for us to walk round on the beach there so we went along the cliff path

till we could get down on the beach, and then the battery went on the camera so no more pictures.

I came to a bit of a stand still on our last day, I couldn't tidy or clean as David was against the clock with his shelving - a pallet made a makeshift work bench.

 I decided there was only one thing for me to do and that was go down to the beach. Parking this time at  
Constantine I did my favourite walk across to Booby's Bay.

I had heard you could see a lot of the wreck of the SV Carl but by the time I got there the tide was already starting to cover it.

When I got back David had nearly finished and I could get the house clean and tidy. A fish and chip supper at Frier Tucks in St Merryn and we were on the road at 7-45pm arriving home at 1-25am after a 25 minute stop - best run back in years.

The best thing is that we go again on Thursday for our regular Spring bank holiday this time taking the caravan. We'll be meeting up with all our favourite people I just can't wait. As usual I have been busy cooking and baking for it
Minted pea and goats cheese quiche, you can find the recipe here

and bacon and brie quiche

I have also prepared the mixture for these mini tacos

Mini Taco Bowls Recipe

 This is my final batch of baking, cappuccino cake, lemon drizzle buns and of course Cadbury's caramel brownies.

So a busy few days with work before we go, but with internet on the site I should be able to keep in touch with you all. So till then enjoy the bank holiday xx

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