Sunday, 31 May 2015

An early arrival

A short but very sweet post
I mentioned in my last post that Charlotte and Angus were expecting their first baby at the end of June, well Nina Rose Mary decided that she had had enough of swimming about inside Charlotte and made the decision to come into our world 6 weeks early on the 20th May. Lucky for her we were all packed up and ready to bring the caravan down to Cornwall so we were able to see her the next day - and what a sweetie, weighing in at 4lbs 6oz and breathing for herself right from the start. She is still in hospital and will be for a while but all is going well. Our holiday this year has revolved round 60 mile round trips to Truro hospital, seeking out tiny nappies, spending time with the rest of the family who were also down here along with our lovely friends from Bradford on Avon, trying to get on the beach whenever possible and socialising with everyone at the end of the day. We return to Yorkshire tomorrow which will be a real wrench but hope to get down again in a month when Nina should be well established at home. You'll forgive me for not posting a picture of her but at the moment I don't feel it's right to do that. I hope to catch up with you soon but in the absence of Charlotte I am now in charge of Becky's hen party weekend in 5 days time and all it entails. L Anne xx

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