Sunday, 21 June 2015

Manic 4 weeks - but oh so nice!

Well here I am VERY early Sunday morning, sun streaming in through one window and black clouds through another. I am enjoying a weekend for ME ME ME and loving every moment. I had a number of things planned (a new blog post being one of them) but mainly doing what I wan, when I want. David is away walking in the Dales so the house is peaceful and fairly tidy. I can listen to John Denver's greatest hits without comments, stretch out in a bed all to myself and sew till 9pm at night. Today apart from getting you all up to date with the manic few weeks at number 6, I am going to finish to cushion covers I started for Charlotte's new sofa, pack my case ready to go back down to Cornwall to see my gorgeous grandaughter, do a bit of meal planning which in turn might mean a quick trip to the shops and maybe bottle the elderflower cordial that I started yesterday.
But first a quick look back (with pictures) on what seems to have been a very busy 4 weeks.Nina's early birth being the start. She's out of hospital, weighing in at a heavy 5lb 12oz - not bad to say she was 4lb 6oz only 4 weeks ago. The tube is out, so no feeding through that any more, which meant she could be taken for a night away in Dartmouth and to the Hidden Hut feast night on Thursday. Below is my favourite picture of her taken at about 8 days. I am so looking forward to seeing her again in a couple of days.

In between the hospital visits at Spring Bank we had lots of fun with family and friends down in Cornwall. Packing this year seem to be a mammoth task as it included taking this rather large box of alcohol down for Becky and Tom who had a static van on the site

our hallway looked like this at one point

and the car and caravan loaded with not just our stuff but things for Charlotte and Angus and camping gear for Jonathan and Fran

But we made it, and our usual pitch was waiting for us although the sea fret/fog was so bad you couldn't see over the hedge 15 meters away.

We had our usual 'French Sunday lunch on a Saturday' catering for 14 this year. The last car to arrive were Jonathan, Fran, Becky and Tom who had been on the road for 9 hours having driven down from Stafford and getting caught in some of the worse traffic for a long time.

We all made a very good job of 'wetting the baby's head' drinking sparkling wine out of cut glass champagne glasses belonging to my Dad (hidden away in a locker when David wasn't around - more weight!)

 The sun came out eventually to make it another memorable day

 We still managed all our usual activities, going on the beach

A bbq

watching the sun set over Trevose Head

Breakfast at Jamie Oliver's 15, Watergate Bay

More picnics on the beach and swimming in the sea

Coffee and cake at Scott and Babs at Retorrick Mill, St Mawgan

 An evening walk on Constantine beach with Charlotte who had come home for the night.

and a couple of hours in Padstow before we left

Looking back at all the pictures we did managed to pack a lot in.

On returning, life didn't slow down as I was now chief 'final preparation person' for Becky's hen weekend at Garden Cottage Appleton Roebuck near York. It had been Charlotte's task to organised Becky's hen weekend which she had done, but of course could now not go to. 4 x A4 sheets of notes were passed on to me which included food and drink list, contact numbers for activities, money for various payments and a full itinerary complete with times for the weekend. Our hall again was full of stuff to take and the car loaded nearly to the roof for the second time in two weeks, and yes there did seem rather a lot of alcohol as the cool box was full too!

 It all ran very smoothly. The cottage slept 13 and was lovely especially after being trimmed up

the bride arrived

so almost a full team

 there was more than enough food and drink ( over a dozen empty bottles of prosecco went in the re-cycling box).

a photo booth was set up providing much hilarity

 the belly dancing class was greeted with enthusiasm.

afternoon tea at the Cedar Court Grand Hotel in York was - well take a look for yourselves

It was after that, that I left them to it, returning later on Sunday with David, his brother and sister in law where we took over the house for the final night after they had all gone and enjoyed a very pleasant evening. 

Life still remained busy even after all that as we were on duty again at the sailing club so more food needed preparing for that. I've been working extra at the clinic covering for colleagues away on holiday. Becky and Tom's wedding is now getting closer so I am getting my head round all that needs to be done for that. This was this weeks job - planting buckets up so they'll be in full bloom and look lovely outside at the venue.

So there you are, all up to date - well apart from my elderflower cordial making but that will keep for another day as by now you're probably loosing the will to live!! 
Till the next time xxx


  1. Wow Anne you've been sooooo busy! Cornwall looks beautiful. I've been once, but it was years ago. I'm trying to convince the husband that we NEED a campervan, I love camping but not the putting up of the tent and the panic about whether it will rain or not! I think he is starting to crack though, and wants to hire one for a week in the summer just to see how we get on, so maybe we should head back to Cornwall.
    The hen weekend looks fun, I love all the trimmings in the cottage, it looks very festive :)
    Have a great weekend,

    1. thank you Jill. For future reference, I hired a campervan from a place nr Wadebridge (Cornwall) for David's 50th birthday. We picked it up but also kept our own car with us and then drove the few miles to our normal caravan site in St Merryn. You can usually get a 'tent thing' that fits against the camper but is free standing to give either extra space or bedroom space. If you ever need details just get in touch. L Anne x

    2. That's really helpful, thankyou :) xx


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