Monday, 21 March 2016

London - Part 3

Our third day of our London trip and the highlight was to be afternoon tea here

but more about that later. We drove to Jonathan's in South Bermondsey as we had various 'stuff' he'd asked us to bring down. After a quick coffee we were off to the station to catch a train into the City

getting off at London Bridge. I hadn't realised that the Shard was above the station. I had to stand against a bollard to look up at it as it made me so dizzy

We made our way to one of my favourite places

Very busy as usual

I just want to buy it all!!
We moved through the main part to the temporary street food area for a spot of sustenance

 before leaving to make our way (walking) to the Kings Road, Chelsea. It was a fair distance which was good as we were able to work off the street food. We passed the Chelsea Barracks (last time I was there was at Chelsea flower show)

looked up at rather nice apartments

walked under bridges until we eventually turned right into Beaufort Street, walking up it where we joined the Kings Road and we found ourselves almost opposite The Bluebird Restaurant

We were shown upstairs

 and to our table which was overlooking the front of the building - good for celeb spotting (if there were any around)

The afternoon tea was my birthday present from the children and Jonathan was detailed to make sure it all went well and pay the bill. Feeling very decadent we opted for champagne

We were overwhelmed when the tea arrived, such a variety, all beautiful presented and of course delicious

and then the piece de resistance arrived

I just loved every minute.

We made our way back to Jonathan's after and eventually back to the van as we had another full on day back in London the next day.

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