Monday, 21 March 2016

London - Part 4, the final one

You're almost at the end, I thought writing in installments was a good idea and bearing in mind how long it's taken me to write I think it was a good idea.
Sunday and we parked back on the driveway (still only £6-30) and went straight to meet Jonathan at Old Street tube station as we were going to Columbia Road flower market . However this caught our eye on our way there

and we stopped for coffee

it was very good.
Being Mother's Day the market was even busier than usual and you were rather taken along by the crowd with little chance to stop and look.

Once out of the main drag we were able to take in our surroundings better and a side road opened into this

Our next stop was

busy but nothing like the flower market. A real variety of stalls, many selling street food

 We loved the coffee seller

Further along we came to the old Truman's brewery building 

following our noses we went through the main door and were greeted with this

so it would have been rude not to have sampled some

From there, more walking brought us to Spittlefields Market

so a walk through there, stopping to look and laugh at some of the tshirt logos and we were on our way again. 

 I have no idea where we walked but we ended up at Liverpool Street station where we got the tube to what was by the time we arrived a very wet Marble Arch

By this time I was rather losing the will to live, the weekend had caught up with me so we decided to call it a day (or a weekend) and say goodbye to Jonathan go back to the caravan.
We really made the most of our time there and with the site fees at under £16 night (out of season) and £6-30/day parking + max £7-50 tube fares/day I think we got a bargin.

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