Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A proper Sunday

We heard earlier in the week that youngest child J and his girlfriend F would be 'calling in' for Sunday lunch. They were staying near Chesterfield the night before then going to look at accommodation around Bawtry as F had got a job for 4 months nearby. Of course J being in his final year at Loughborough a meal that he doesn't have to cook himself is always welcome and as expected I received a request for a proper Sunday dinner. I decided to go for chicken with all the trimmings and Eve's pudding which as a token to Friday's Valentine's day would be made in a heart shaped tin. I worked Saturday morning at the chiropractise as the Saturday receptionist was away. As middle child B lives above it was inevitable that we got together when I had finished and chatted about weekend plans and the fact that J and F were coming for lunch the next day. It turned out that she was going to be on her own so I asked her as well hoping that the chicken that was quite big enough for 4 would now feed 5! Before I even got started on the lunch the next day D and I got totally caught up watching the snowboarding - those girls are amazing, so fearless. By the time that event had finished I had a busy hour or two making my Great Aunty Meg's stuffing, peeling vegetables, preparing the pudding and setting the table. J and F arrived with time to hear all their news and then B just before we served up. I LOVE having a table full of people especially my family. It's so nice to see the children taking part in discussions about all sorts of things and just enjoying each others company (long gone are the arguments they had as children). Afterwards the talking continued on comfy sofas. Then B who was crocheting by this time came out with 'I'd forgotten how nice it is here' - It was the icing on the cake. Life is so busy that we often don't have time to appreciate what we have got till it's  too late. That was one of my reasons to blog so I could record days like Sunday. I just wish I had some pictures to show you but there will be other times as it'll not be long before J finishes will be back before he starts work.
I am now off to recycle B's prom dress that she wore when she was 18, she can't bare to throw it away so watch this space! This time I am taking pictures.
Till the next time xx

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