Friday, 28 February 2014

And on the menu next week is ..........

I don't know about you but I have always planned the meals we are going to eat and then shopped. It's not so different these days, although I do tend to look on Lidl and Aldi's sites to see what they have on offer to see if I can use them in  the week's meals. So this is what is on the menu next week at number 6( I work from Thursday to Thursday)
Today - Friday - Big vol-au-vents filled with left over turkey and mushrooms, salad and maybe some potato wedges. Here is how I prepared them and how they are looking at the moment

Sweating the mushrooms, then I used the liquid in the white sauce , having prepared the milk as if I was making a bechamel sauce.

ready rolled puff pastry - how I love it!

nine pretty flower vol-au-vent cases

baked and  all ready to have their tops taken off and to be filled with the mushroom and turkey mixture.
They will go back in the oven for the mixture to heat through and then be ready to eat

Saturday - D is down at the dingy show at Alexander Palace so I will have any vol-au-vent leftovers

Sunday - Lamb and spinach curry  (already made earlier toady)

and Cauliflower with potatoes both are recipes from Madhur Jaffery. These we'll have with naans and maybe rice, chutneys and yogurt.

Monday - One of our usually Monday meals - macaroni cheese, which will have the cauliflower we didn't need yesterday. You can find the recipe here

Tuesday - Well Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday so pancakes are on the menu, these will be stuffed with leeks and cottage cheese. I'll put the recipe on the blog over the weekend. I have no idea where it came from other than it's in a note book I've had for 35years.

Wednesday - My Mum's sausage and bean casserole. This has always been a favourite with my children but what I have never told them is that it wasn't 'Granny's recipe' but my Mum's sisters, my Aunty Essex.

Thursday - Courgette, bacon and brie gratin  - very yummy

So there we go, what's on your menu next week? I'd love to hear.
Love Anne xx

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