Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Life after 'That birthday'

The day after 'that birthday' we were up and away to pick our caravan up from it's storage place and set off to the caravan club site at Bridlington with our friends Mr & Mrs J and their dog Polly
Here is our van on Saturday morning - we arrived at dusk and in appalling weather but on Saturday blue skies and sunshine
After breakfast it was straight down to the south bay for a long walk on the beach. Just look at that sky - gorgeous
and those houses, who wouldn't love to live in one of those. I can just imagine sitting in one of those windows sewing or knitting maybe a pair of these!
Sunday was just as good and we decided on a trip to Robin Hoods Bay. We walked down to the bottom on the coast path
and straight onto the beach where Polly spent the next 40 minutes chasing after her ball in and out of pools
then after turning round The Bay Hotel beckoned

We were lucky enough to get the table in the window to enjoy both the view and the beer.
Back outside we were so pleased to see the boat the eldest child C stood next to many years ago still there

Can you guess why she stood there all those years ago and had her picture taken?

I couldn't believe when Monday brought another sunny morning so off to the north beach before we packed away. It was bracing as it had been all week-end. The beach was littered with stones and pebbles everywhere, not surprising bearing in mind the weather we've been having, but as I walked towards the steps I saw these piled up in a corner aren't the colours and textures lovely?

  A lovely find at the end of a great week-end



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