Saturday, 8 March 2014

A free day out at Harlow Carr

We had a lovely day out at Harlow Carr RHS garden at Harrogate yesterday. I had spotted a piece in the Times last Sunday saying that it was a 'free' admission day at Harlow yesterday so suggested to D that if it was a decent day it would nice to go. We both enjoy wandering round gardens and it's a good way to motivate yourself to get going in your own and we certainly need to do something with ours. I have to say when I woke around 7 and heard the rain which was quite heavy, I wondered whether we would go BUT the forecast had said that there would be sun and sure enough it started to clear in South Yorkshire about 9. So armed with a picnic we set off and the nearer we got the bluer the sky got and generally it stayed like that although there was a cold wind. We'd never been to a RHS garden and the car park seemed very full but it was all very organised and we were soon directed to a space. The staff everywhere were very helpful and we soon decided on a route round, very quickly I was clicking away with the camera, I can't believe it but I took 72 pictures! Don't worry I am not going to bore you with all 72, but here are a few


As you might imagine everything was beautifully presented, lovely clay pots, no dead leaves and looking at their peek. The colours were gorgeous not only of the flowers but also the foliage around in the rest of the gardens. One of my favourite parts was the potting shed


Soooo nice.

There was also a wonderful exhibition by Sue Edwards who sadly died last year. Her watercolours were just gorgeous. I just had to buy this card of bluebells as the colours were lovely. If you ever get chance to see her work do go.

I loved this sculpture next to Betty's tea/coffee hut

I have to say though we were really disappointed with the coffee we bought from Betty's, just not strong enough, not that I like really strong coffee but I do like it to taste of coffee.
We wandered around for about 2 hours, I guess as the year goes on you would spend longer as there will be so much more to see, but it was very enjoyable and inspiring. You can find more information about Harlow here. We were back in time to have make a quick pasta bake and get ready to go to the Rotherham Real Ale Festival where D and I were pulling pints - but more about that tomorrow. I have bread rising in the airing cupboard that needs thumping back for ready for it's second rise so I must go.
Till tomorrow - Happy Saturday


  1. I wish my potting shed was that tidy!

    1. I imagine that if they really used it, it wouldn't be quite like that - but how lovely to have a potting shed. We had a greenhouse at our other house which David and my Dad renovated and I was looking forward to using but we ended up moving before I had chance to plant anything!!


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