Friday, 21 March 2014

Bruges - Day 1

Not sure where this week has gone but I am now sat upstairs in my newly set up workroom with a very nice cup of coffee all ready to tell you about our weekend in Bruges.

I promise I'll not put too many pictures on (we did take 376 on the camera and more on the tablet and D's phone - the joy of digital cameras). As you already know we had an interesting journey here are a couple of pics of us on our way

This is the first view you get as you come out of Charleroi airport, the shuttle bus to Brussels is a few yards to the right of the arrivals door. 

Brussels station

Needs no words

The start of our walk to the Markt where we able to enjoy lovely bowls of soup whilst sitting in the sun

We did however fell we were in the middle of a building site as all around there were vans, scaffolding and workmen busy getting the restaurants set up for the season

We only had a few minutes walk from the square to our apartment

We had to go through this door 

Our bedroom was the two windows on the second floor, and this is what it was like inside 

incredibly spacious and really, really nice. You can find more details here. After a bit of a breather we decided to go to the supermarket to get some supplies. When we walked back through the square the workmen had gone, the restaurants were fully canopied up and all set to go - quite astounding in such a short space of time. By the time we walked back the Markt (square) was getting quite busy, with many folks enjoying a pre-evening drink. We however made a very good decision and stopped at the little wine bar, a few yards from the apartment to have the most gorgeous glass of Languedoc (4th down in the bottom list). Talk about setting us up nicely for the evening.

We chose to eat in feasting on meats, cheese and salad

Needless to say we chose to have an early night to be ready for all Bruges had to offer the next day. Look out for the next installment.

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