Friday, 21 March 2014

Final day in Bruges

Our final morning arrived and it started like all the others had with a trip to the bread shop for croissants

and then after breakfast, packing and tidying round before going down to check out. Nico very kindly let us store our cases in the downstairs apartment whilst we went out and made the most of our last few hours. We followed another route suggested by the guide book and here are some of the places we saw

The only two houses with wooden fronts in the city

the City Theatre, and one of Europe's best preserved 

with Papageno, the bird seller from Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute outside the main door

more river side buildings, some renovated 

and some in need of it

finally we ended our walk at a bar/restaurant we had passed on a number of occasions during the weekend, this time we would stop and have lunch before we left for the station

But before I finally finish, some images that I loved about the weekend, apologises for the quality of some, it's difficult taking pictures through windows 

And so we wound our way back to the station taking even more of the narrow cobbled streets and alleyways, even one you could touch both sides

It's a wonderful city which we would gladly go back to, and we can't thank C, B, J and T enough for surprising us with it.


  1. A wonderful series of posts Anne!
    You reminded me of some of the places I saw on our brief visit and I would love to return. I love the cafe culture of continental Europe, there is nothing I like better than to linger over a meal with a view. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, you are so right about the cafe culture, we just don't seem to quite 'get it' over here


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