Saturday, 15 March 2014

Made it to Burges

A short post but enough to say we made it to Bruges. An early 2-15am start to get to Manchester airport for our 6-25am flight. Unfortuanatly we didn't take off at 6-25 in fact it was 7-55am having had 2 false starts. The first was whilst we were still parked up when the captain told us there was an engine problem. That was soon sorted and we taxied to the runway started our takeoff and within seconds it was aborted due to message from air traffic control. It was back to the parking bay to have the temperature of the brakes checked and finally we took off. I have to say I was glad when we landed safely. Our next task was to get a bus into Brussels (we had landed 45 miles away) and then a train to Bruges. We choose to walk from the station and quickly got to Markt square, where we found a table in the sun to enjoy the first food of the day. Unfortuanatly I can't put any pictures of it up as they are all on my camera and I'll need to download them at home. However I did take a couple of the lovely apartment we are staying in just 2 minutes walk from the square so here they are - no they're not as I don't know how to get them on. I'll publish this and if I work out how to do it I'll edit my post. If not I'm afraid you'll just have to wait - sorry. Have a lovely weekend.  L Anne x

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