Monday, 31 March 2014

'Loggers r us' - 5 days in SW Cork

Well it seems a long time since I was sat at my laptop and despite taking the new tablet to Ireland, the internet in Hacketts Bar did not allow me to do anything that was of use to me.
We had a good trip over stopping first at Woodies DIY in Cork to buy paint in case the weather was such that we were confined to indoor jobs (we weren't)

Then breakfast at Dunnes Store, which wasn't bad and good value. Next stop Lidl, Skibereen for supplies

and then off to White Castle Cottage, just getting slightly distracted on the way by the view and flowers at a stopping point

The picture doesn't reflect the light and colours at all. Can you see the Fastnet Rock in the background?

Who would expect to see such gorgeous daffodils at a parking spot?

Once we had arrived we didn't even go in the house but straight into the garden to see the storm damage

the caravan had a lucky escape 

but it got worse, this is just to the right of the caravan picture

and then further on in the wood this 

and at the end of the wood having scrambled over the wall we saw this

It was far worse than we thought, and just as we were walking back we saw this

the remains of the tree house that had been built by the cousins (The Leeds H's) when all the children were small. Definitely time to go in and have a coffee and unpack.

It wasn't long after that D had got the chain saw going and was working on the tree that had fallen in the garden. 

Meanwhile I was inside dusting round, getting rid of unwanted spiders and woodlice and reminding myself of the views from upstairs

When I ventured back outside there were some lovely bits to see, daffodils growing on a bank and the primulas that D's father planted many years ago. 

plus the first of many - a pile of newly sawn logs.

Most of the few days over there were spent outside doing something or going to get things we found we needed.

I choose to tidy up a small bit of garden near the container, finding an old teapot and planting primulas in it and generally trying to get rid of as much ivy and weeds growing there.

D discovered the water accumulator had rotted through so we had no water for nearly 24 hours whilst we went and bought a new one (He discovered it as you might know, after the shops had shut)

The good thing about having to go for a tank was that we got to go to The Church Restaurant for coffee

It is an amazing place, especially as it burnt down, just leaving the facade that you see in the picture. Inside was completely rebuilt and now looks like this

I loved the way they sold their homemade bread from here

We stopped in Ballydehob for some fuel for the lawn mower on the way back, right opposite this little place

One day we needed to go down into the village (Schull) to the local hardware shop which, and the bank was in town!

I made bread, finding a good way to let it prove in front of the wood burner.

We frequented Hacketts bar and Newman's West  early evening before going home to eat.

The day before we left I was delighted to find a this cupboard in the back of one of the containers, very neglected and in need of some TLC. I gave it a clean, dried it out in the sun and have plans for it when I can get it home.

and all the while the wood pile grew

 the tree looked like this

and the wood shed/car port eventually looked like this when we left

I have a few more pictures to share with you that didn't fit into the dialogue 

I have now booked a massage for tomorrow to help with all the aches and pains!! A xx

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