Sunday, 9 March 2014

All is revealed!!

I know you were expecting our evening working at the beer festival but something else just got in the way. You remember when I started this blog it was just before 'that birthday' well what I never got round to sharing with you was this

This was give to D and I as a joint 60th birthday present ( but he's not 60 till September). We were told that we would know where we were going just before we went. Well we had a phone call from B this morning to ask if we would like to go for either coffee or breakfast, having had our breakfast we opted for coffee. We would need to bring our Samsung tablet and had we got Skype on it? answer yes but we had not skyped anyone on it. When we got there she set a 3 way Skype up with C, J and ourselves

 and once everyone was online she gave us our suprise making sure the other 2 could see what was happening - the wonders of modern technology!

 Inside was a guide book for Bruges, plane tickets, hotel reservation, car parking and euros!! How lucky are we? D and I were both quite taken back by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the three of them and B's partner T. So we have a very early start ( 2-30am!) as we need to be at Manchester airport by 4-30am for a 6-30am flight. We can't wait and the weather at the moment is looking good for the weekend, much like today if not warmer. If any of you out there reading this have been there do leave me a message about what you did and where you visited.
Come back tomorrow when I shall tell you all about the beer festival, and now having spent the afternoon working in the garden I think I might pour myself a gin and tonic - Bye


  1. Oooh.. wonderful!
    We went for just a day, via the Tunnel, when we lived in the South East. Not much time, so we just walked around and took in the sights. It is a very beautiful old town, you will absolutely love it!

  2. I'm sure we will, just sorted how to get from the airport as I dont think Becky realised that she had booked our flights to the airport 45miles south of Brussels and not the city one, but it's all sorted.


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