Friday, 21 March 2014

Bruges - Day 3

Another glorious day, so where would our walking take us today?. Well we decided to walk to far edges of Bruges and along the Vesten canal taking in the windmills, the oldest cafe/tavern in city, the chocolate museum and many more of the cobbled streets and alleyways.

We started off at the chocolate museum and resisted the temptation to go in walking passed and coming

quite quickly to one of the rivers, which we followed till it joined the canal. 
Here are some of the buildings we saw on our way

how blue is that sky?

We finally got to the canal and caught our first glimpse of the one of the four windmills which stand along the path next to the canal

We walked right along the path to a point called Kruispoort, which is one of the entrances over the canal into Bruges

From there we made our way back into the centre, diverting off to look at the oldest cafe/tavern in Bruges

I loved the crate strapped onto the front of the bicycle

It's quite amazing where you come out going up and down alleyways and we found ourselves back on the street where 2be bar was, which also meant we were near a cafe selling waffles and the one thing I wanted to have was a waffle. It was yum, which is more that can be said of the coffee I got with it. That was the 3rd cup I had had out during the weekend and none were very good, not even the one I had from the coffee shop ( like Pollards). They use sterilised milk which I don't like, having said that if the coffee had any flavour then it would overpower taste of the milk. Anyway enough about coffee, I'll just stick to wine next time! Once we moved ourselves out of the cafe we had another look at the restaurants and decided on one called Arthies, do look here as they have some lovely pics which we weren't able to get. The reason (and I have to take full responsibility here) I chose it was because of the tablecloths that I could see through the window, really bright and cheerful, you'll see them and the rest of the decor by clicking on the link. Luckily for me the food was very nice although service was a little slow for us - not that I want to be rushed but the main courses could have arrived a little quicker. Here are a couple of pics we did take

The decor was a real mix of all sorts of random things, from flip flops on the wall to coloured pigs and chickens all over the place. 
I've now got a little out of sync, in that before we ate we went into a beer bar just along from the apartment called Cambrinus

Each time we walked passed D had looked in and I knew that he was hankering after getting in there. It didn't disappoint, it was busy and lively and we almost stayed to eat there but as most tables were taken and some reserved we thought we might have quite a wait and we were hungry, another time maybe. 
We walked back after our meal, quite sad that our weekend was coming to an end but we knew we would still have time in the morning to do some more exploring before we got the train.

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